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Tutu Brothers

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where Did Our Sun Go?

A vacuous blond twit recently appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America and said that even a “skin cancer” diagnosis wouldn’t stop her daily indoor tanning routine. (Please watch the interview at “Scrape it off and keep going” were her words, which display a stunning level of ignorance about the melanoma risk to which she’s exposing herself. Part of me hopes she doesn’t have to someday eat those words and join the Paler Nation here at The Hotel Melanoma. But my evil twin can’t help but wonder whether in her case a melanoma diagnosis just might be nature’s way of cleansing the human gene pool.

Do I wish that I could still enjoy time outdoors without drowning myself in sunscreen and wearing more clothes than are comfortable on a summer’s day on the links or hiking trail? You betcha I do. But, like everybody at this Hotel, I’ve learned the very hard way I can’t “scrape it off and keep going”. Let’s all hope Miss Twit doesn’t someday learn that same hard lesson.

I’ll sign off with my fractured version of The Supremes’ “Where Did Our Love Go”…

UV don't leave me
Ooh, please don't leave me
All fried myself

I've got this yearning, burning
Yearning demon inside me
Ooh, deep inside me
And it hurts so bad

U came into my parts
So stealthily
With a burning sun
That stings, yikes it’s C

Now that I’ve surrendered
To “just skin C”
You now wanna grieve
Ooh, you wanna grieve me

Ooh, Black C, Black C
Where did my sun go?
Ooh, don't you haunt me
Don't you haunt me no more

Ooh, Black C
Black C, Black C
Where did my sun go?
And all false promises
Of a cure forever more

I've got this yearning, burning
Yearning demon inside me
Ooh, deep inside me
And it hurts so bad

Before U stunned my heart
U were a perfect fry
But now that U got me
U gonna leave me behind
UV, UV, ooh UV

Black C, Black C won’t leave me
Ooh, C won’t leave me
All by myself

Ooh, Black C, Black C
Where did our sun go?


  1. Aw, Rich! You are too harsh!! You also would have absolutely hated me when I was 19. I really do feel bad for this girl and any other young adult who is battling with low self esteem or other psychiatric issues. When someone goes to this extreme, it really isn't all that different than being addicted to a drug or having an eating disorder. I know everyone has varying opinions on this subject, but this one hits really close to home for me. I hope she's able to find a therapist before she ends up with an oncologist :(

    P.S. I will admit, the scrape it off and keep going KILLED me.

  2. I am being harsh, I suppose, but I don't buy the theory that tanning beds are in the same addiction league as drugs etc.-- she could go pale without suffering physical withdrawal agonies. But I'm grateful to Miss Twit (and Tan Mom) for drawing attention to tanning risks and being such buffoons to boot!