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Tutu Brothers

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day

Just whose nitwit idea was it to add a day to February of all months? I mean, wouldn’t a double Saturday in June be a better choice for a calendar catch-up day?

Oh well, an extra day, an extra song to butcher, so here’s a new version of Bob Seger’s “Rock and Roll Never Forgets”…

So I’m a little bit paler and a lot less braver
Than I used to be
So sun used to bake me brown
But now I stop and think about the skin on me
So my sweet sunscreen’s turned thirty-some
I get to feeling queasy when my onc day comes
Well all he’s got to do is find C’s been into its tricks
Then I’m in a fix
Come back Black C
Mela mole never forgets

You better find yourself a derm doc
Go down to the clinic ‘fore your moles grow large
Check the local newspapers
Chances are you won't have to go too far
Yeah your doctor will be squinting ‘cause Black C’s so strong
The nurse will be staying and looking along
And all you got to do is bare all for some pics
’Fore C does its tricks
Get your skin checks, boomers!
Doctor Mole better inspect

Oh my tan’s still making C proud and mean
Listen to the surgeon’s scalpel making me scream
All you got to do is just wear your ‘screen for life
Heh sun bites

Well now my sunscreen’s turned thirty-some
Get a little tired staying out of the sun
Well all God’s children are out there getting sun fix
Don’t know ‘bout its tricks
Come back Black C
Mela mole never forgets
Said it’s that come back Black C
Doctor Mole always expects

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