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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hopelessly Devoted To You

I’ve now racked up so many “no worries” six-month checkups with my favorite melanoma specialist that I’ve apparently become a boring patient. Although he’s adamant that I still need to be checked out every six months, he’s suggested a couple of times that I could see him just once a year and see one of his faculty colleagues in dermatology in between an annual pilgrimage to the melanoma clinic.

I haven’t changed course because I don’t really see any benefit in alternating my checkups between him and a dermatologist-- if the latter ever found anything amiss I’d be back on the melanoma doc’s doorstep in a heartbeat and accomplish nothing other than having (and paying for) two conversations about the same problem. Plus I so dislike recounting my colorful melanoma history on a first visit to a new doc and seeing that “I can’t quite believe you’re not dead” look. So, as long as I’m above ground and he hasn’t declared me cured and told me I have no continuing reason to be paranoid about a recurrence, I ain’t going nowhere else by choice.

So, doc, to express my devotion to remaining under your excellent care, here’s a new version of Smokey Robinson & The Miracles’ “Tracks of My Tears”…

Doctor says I’m a star at the clinic
'Cause I’ve beat an odd or two
Although I might have fooled some doctor cynics
This is never through

So take a good look at my case
You'll see my file’s run out of space
If you look closer it's easy to trace
The tracks of my fears

I need you (need you)
Need you (need you)

You can boot me and go send me to another doc
Sayin’ that I'm no more fun
Although your point is moot
I will not substitute
Because you’re the permanent one

So take a good look at my case, uh-huh
You see my file’s (run out of space)
Yeah, look a little bit closer
It's easy to trace, oh the tracks of my fears

Oh-ho-ho-ho I need you (need you)
Need you (need you)

Hey hey -yeah
(Outside) no masquerading
(Inside) all my hope ain’t fading
(I’ll hang around) ooo-yeah, ‘til we put this down
Sunscreen is my make-up
I’ll wear ‘til my break-up with you

Doctor, take a good look at my case, uh-huh
You see my file’s run (out of space)
Yeah, just look closer it's easy (to trace)
Oh, the tracks of my fears

Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor
Take a good look at (my case)
Ooo, yeah you see my file’s (run out of space)
Look a little bit closer (it's easy to trace)
Yeah, the tracks of my fears, oh yeah

Doctor, take a good look…

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